#Throwback to Fifth Grade

20141005_150554I was cleaning out some files and I found this gem. It is my daughter’s fifth grade project: Interviewing me about my fifth grade experience. I can’t help but love this introduction to journalism.

Where did you go to school in fifth grade?

In fifth grade I went to the North Carolina Hebrew Academy, which was a Solomon Shechter school in Charlotte.

How did you get there?

My father drove me to school in his Dodge Dart.

 What did you study?

We studied math, social studies, Hebrew, Jewish studies, science, and creative writing.

 What did you do after school?

After school I liked to do soccer, judo, and acting!

Where did you have for lunch?

We brought lunchboxes to school. I had a Kung Fu lunchbox. My favorite lunch was a cheese sandwich. I probably ate cheese sandwiches everyday.

What did you do at recess?

At recess we would have wars with sticks. We had a fort that was the inside of a large bush. We called our sticks “sap guns.”

When did you have to wake up?

I had to wake up at 7AM and school started at 8AM.

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