80s Klezmer Aerobics? YES! 80s Klezmer Aerobics

In Jewish life, where a typical birthday wish is “Ad meah v’esrim” – “May you live to 120!” it is a little early for me to have a mid-life crisis. So I’m not sure what to call my latest artistic project, 80s Klezmer Aerobics. It is part storytelling/part dance performance/part aerobics class/part Jewish wedding/part theater show/and one hundred percent messhugah. Thankfully the Midnight Nosh team is supporting me musically and spiritually, and my family is supporting me emotionally (by ridiculing me, of course) and the good people of Limmud NY are giving me a stage to turn this dream into a reality. Broadway here we come. But first, the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.

Address to Kehillah Synagogue

The Battle Within: What a Story of Twins Tells Us About the Human Psyche

Delivered November 21, 2015

Simone and Martin Lipman Scholar in Residence

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Eighteen years ago my wife was pregnant and she was feeling a lot of kicking so we went to the hospital for an ultrasound. We did not want to know the gender of our expected child and we told this to our physician. But our physician’s mind lacked stickiness, because when he looked at the ultrasound, he yelled out: “Look! Frick and Frack!” And we turned to each other with a look of “WTF”? This is how we learned that we would become parents of twins. And not only twins, but identical twin boys.   Continue reading

Do Jews Believe in Christmas? 



The video above is a little tune from my band Midnight Nosh about the holiday season. It reflects, in some way, my childhood desire as a Jewish boy growing up in the Bible Belt to celebrate Christmas – and the unavoidable comparison of two winter holidays that have very little to do with each other (historically speaking.) On a more serious note, the Xmas season always brings with it questions from neighbors and friends about what Jewish people think and feel about the Christmas story and celebration. Here’s a piece that I wrote in response to one such question:

Last year before Christmas I got a Facebook message from my church-going high school sweetheart. (We still write, yes, and don’t worry folks, my wife knows about it.)

“My sister has just converted to Judaism. My children are very interested in this. They’d all learned the dreidel song and dance in their elementary school. My eldest daughter “schooled” them on what she knows about Judaism. She reminded them that Jesus was a Jew. Anyway, she also asked a poignant question: “Do Jewish people still believe in the Christmas story?” She said,” I know they believe he was a great Prophet, but not the son of God. However, do they believe in the manger story?” I thought about what you might say, especially to children, and I replied, “Yes.”Whereas, my sister at dinner last night, replied with an emphatic, “No!” Could you answer these questions for them?”

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Bazaar Ensemble serves up some spicy new Jewish music

Every once and a while a group of wildly talented musicians will travel back in time and grasp a very old poem and an old tune and spin them into the current moment with a magical new spirit. This song is one of those once and a whiles.

Bazaar Ensemble are L.A. based folks who are adding some full throttle soul to a tune that I, admittedly, associate with both a choice Eric B. & Rakim sample and the late great Yemenite-Israeli superstar Ofra Haza. This new version of the 17th century Hebrew poem by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi is simply off-the-hook.

When I think of the classic Ofra Haza version, I imagine her beautiful high pitched tone. Here, lead singer Asher Shasho-Levy brings a grounded energy to the song and when the drums kick in and the energy picks up this tracks takes flight. And it doesn’t hurt that this video is shot with cinematic grace. Give it a listen!





Honeysuckle & Dogwood

Sharing a rough demo track from a musical project some 25 years in the making. The lyrics I wrote back in college, but playing with a group of folks here in Montclair has taken this song to an entirely new level. Special thanks to Nick for sitting in on the drums and to Dave for wrangling uncooperative recording robots. Thank you both! You make us sound groovy. Deep gratitude to Ben and to Debra for your musical talent and general wonderfulness. We’re in a band. For real.