Honeysuckle & Dogwood

Sharing a rough demo track from a musical project some 25 years in the making. The lyrics I wrote back in college, but playing with a group of folks here in Montclair has taken this song to an entirely new level. Special thanks to Nick for sitting in on the drums and to Dave for wrangling uncooperative recording robots. Thank you both! You make us sound groovy. Deep gratitude to Ben and to Debra for your musical talent and general wonderfulness. We’re in a band. For real. Check out more at www.midnightnosh.com

Dream Come True by The Halftime Show

Dream Come True – a love song of sorts – is something I wrote especially for my beloved of almost 20 years. Our anniversary is next month! My band, the Halftime Show, is a project with my friends Ben and Craig and occasionally Dave – who helps out big time on this number both producing and banging the drums in a reggae style. So far we played one benefit event and one birthday party, but we’ve got our eyes set on more. Here’s our first “single” of sorts…a fresh release from the studio.