Believer, Beware now available as an E-Book!

I was fortunate to be part of this fantastic anthology of writers. And now…for those of you who tire of ink on sliced trees…we are entering cyberspace.

Kindlers and nookers and ipaders rejoice! Visit #newbooks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Killing the Buddha Publishes “Exhilarating” E-Book Believer, Beware: First-Person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith Selected by Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau and the editors of Killing the Buddha e-book edited by Gordon Haber and Brook Wilensky-Lanford Cover art by Danica Novgorodoff

“Shocking, exhilarating, and never dull…. Highly recommended.” –Library Journal

“Smart, candid, and insightful… The voices are refreshingly honest.” –Publishers Weekly

The editors of Killing the Buddha, the online magazine of religious ambivalence, are pleased to announce that the 2009 anthology Believer, Beware, First-Person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith is now available as an e-book. Pundits and demagogues pretend that religion is black and white, but we think most people actually live in the grey. In Believer, Beware today’s best religion writers grapple with the ambiguities of their traditions in witty, heartfelt and irreverent confessions. How can the Three Stooges help with your Zen meditation? How do you talk to your family when they’re speaking in tongues? Where do you go when you’re the only Jew for miles? And how do you mourn a loved one when you don’t share their faith? Those answers—and many other questions—can be had for just $4.99. All proceeds go to sustain Killing the Buddha, an independent online religion magazine for people made anxious by churches. We’ve been publishing first-person dispatches from the margins of faith like these since 2000. Come join us! Catherine Allgor, The Doctrine of Sugar Daniel Brenner, Please Don’t Feed The Prophet Seth Castleman, Way Past Jersey Jill Hamburg Coplan, Searching for Sufis Mark Dery, Jesus is Just Alright Patton Dodd, I Am a Sea Rebecca Donner, The Only Truth That Mattered Elizabeth Frankenberger, Sects & the City Gordon Haber, The Only Jew For Miles Erik Hanson, Bible Porn Bia Lowe, Seeing Things Ashley Makar, My Holy Ghost People Peter Manseau, Jew Like Me Paul W. Morris, Ouga Chaka Zen Quince Mountain, Cowboy for Christ Danica Novgorodoff, Cover Art EJ Park, Joy of Dissent Michael Allen Potter, God is Electric, Jesus Electrochemical Stephen Prothero, Niche of Prayer Irina Reyn, I Was a Pre-pubescent Messiah Ben Rutter, Agnostic Front Naomi Seidman, Raised by Jews Jeff Sharlet, Everybody Has A Mother, And They All Die Laurel Snyder, Pardon All Our Fucking Iniquities Meera Subramanian, Banana Slug Psalm Danielle Trussoni, The Temple Door Tim Tyson, The Cross and the Color Line Mary Valle, The Mucus Jesse Vega-Frey, Hunger is Godís Food Hasdai Westbrook, Dreading the Buzzer Jeff Wilson, Barbershop Dharma

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