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Last year, Daniel Brenner had a dream. As he slept, he heard the Klezmorim’s album Streets of Gold, the 1978 classic that helped launch an American klezmer revival. The next day Brenner went to his local YMCA and put on the album to pump him up while he exercised.

“People were streaming by me, coming out of Zumba class,” he said, “and the thought that came to me was: it is time for Klezmer Aerobics.”

So Brenner, a rabbi and Jewish educator who has also worked as a musician and performer since the late ’80s, decided to create Klezmer Aerobics, a mashup of 1980s-style aerobics classes and traditional Yiddish performance; or, and he puts it, a “family-friendly interactive dance/storytelling workout.”  more

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